My 1st A1200 PC Mid Tower Project 2017



So this page is under construction



As you can all see I have a Big list of parts


to build My A1200 Tower


Please come back and have a look


to see how far I have GOT






Amiga Floppy Emulator



Kinqston 60Gb SSD with IDE Adapter



PC Floppy Drive Converted to Amiga


2x USB extension for keyboard and mouse


Internet access A choice of three devices



IDE to CF drive



4 Port IDE Adapter


Serial to USB mouse Adapter











2x 5.25 to 3.5 Adapter for Floppy Emulator and PC floppy drive



IDE CD-Rw Drive



500w power supply



PC Mid Tower


Software to install


Amigs VGA Adapter



Power supply Converted



90% right angle Adapter


A1200 3.1 Rom



USB keyboard Converted