Things you will need to Buy


You Will Need 2.5" Hard Drive Cable 44-Way (45cm)

form - 2.5" HARD DRIVE CABLE 44-WAY (45CM) £6.99 + P&P



Compact Flash CF to 2.5" IDE 44 Pin Adapter / Converter

Form Ebay £2.99 Free P&P


Form Ebay £14.99 Free P&P



How to add Compact Flash IDE Adapter



Now you can TEST CF Card.

You Do NOT Need the 4-Device Buffered IDE Interface. You can run it with out.

Pleases now go look at how to set-up you CF. (below)


Remove the A1200 Motherboard with care


Now you have a empty base


Now you need to file down the round hole

Now ready


Now need to do a bit of cutting down of the metal shielding.

You will need to put some tape on the edge.



Now Need some double sided tape and 2x screws to mount the CF card.


Now screws in.


Now Installed Compact Flash card.


 Amiga 1200 Now ready with CF Card




The one in the pics you can see is OS 3.5

A good place to look for a good workbench

Classic Amiga Workbench