Update 21-4-2014

Welcome to Commodore Amiga 1200 Mod's Web Site


I was really into amigas from the mid 80's and have just started using them again. Its great to see lots of other people are still interested and that there are lots of mods around to keep it alive.

A special thanks to the English Amiga Board for all the help and advice they have given me.

Also big thanks to AmigaKit who helped me out with hardware and advice very friendly team.

Finally thanks to Bloodwych who helped me with the workbenches and was very helpful .



My System I  have Now, are

  • A1200, v3.1 Rom Microbotics M1230XA 40Mhz, 32Ram, No FPU, 4Gb CF Card, 24x CDrom  
  • A4000D, v3.1 Rom, WarpEngine 40Mhz, 128Ram, 4GB CF Card, LCD SVGA, DVD Drive, RTZ 4Mb,
  • A1000 Std System
  • A500 Std 512k Ram
  • A2000, 2mb Ram, No H/D
  • Very 1st A500, 2mb Ram E/P, Action Replay III, A590 Hard Drive 20Mb


This was in 1990 My A500




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