How to Set-up IDE CD-Rom Drive for A600, A1200, A4000D




Ready To Set up CD-Rom Drive



You will need to

Download IDE-Fix form AmiNet

IDEfix97.lha and you will need to put it on to a Amiga Disk.


Put IDE-Fix 97 in to the Amiga Drive DF0

Now D c The IDEfix Icon.



Now press on the InstallSoftware


If you see the error ( Installer ) m it is not on the disk


Fine a disk with Installer and copy it to the Utilities Drawer



Default to Novice User,

Now Proceed with Install



Now Press Proceed


Please Read Document


Now you can see ( Do you agree to these license condition? )

Press YES



Now you can see ( Pirate Warning! )

Press OK



Now you can see ( IDE-Fix 97 Registration )

Press Cancel



Now you can see ( Demo version )

Press YES



Press Show Drives, Now selected GDH0 or DH0,



Now press Proceed



Software is now installing




Now you can see ( Add IDE-Fix Startup )

Press YES



Press OK



Now Press YES to Demo version, and then press YES to Adding to startup-sequence.


Press YES again


Now Press Proceed to ( AutoParkPrefs )


Now Press Proceed to ( ConvertDrive )


Now Press Proceed to ( Ship )


Now Press Proceed to Fine Device


Scanning for Device


Nothing Found


Now Tick the box ( Show All Device Types )


Now press Scan


Now fine the IDE Drive,

highlight the CD-Rom


You can See My CD-Rom Unit is 3

Now Press Use


If you have more that 1 enter now,

Press Proceed



Now you can see ( Tick Box's ) it will do a Default selecting

Press Proceed



Press YES



Now you can see it has selected CD3

Press Proceed



Now Mounting CD-Rom


Now Install CD-Rom Player


Now Install CD32 Emulators



Installation Complete

Press Proceed



Now you can see ( CD-Rom Working )


Hope you find this helpful.