Things you will need are below


TEAC CD-224E / Dell 079ETT CD ROM Drive (B94 Version)

Form Ebay £5 + P&P


4-Device Buffered IDE Interface

Form - 4-Device Buffered IDE Interface (A1200/A600) £12.99 + P&P









Now ready to install the CD Rom Yow will need the

4-Device Buffered IDE Interface



Now have CF and CD Rom Set-up.

You will need IDEfix 97 install.

Please go look at how to set-up you CDrom Drive (below)


You will need to do some cutting out on the Amiga case

to put cd rom in place .You can put it anywhere in the case

where there is room I did mine like this.

Now CD Rom Install


Amiga 1200 Now ready with CF and CDRom



The one in the pics you can see is OS 3.5

A good place to look for a good workbench

Classic Amiga Workbench